Project management for public and Community funds

Elaboramos e acompanhamos projetos no âmbito do Portugal 2020.

Project Management for Public and Community Funds

MJC Consulting specializes in providing services that enable the implementation of new, consistent and innovative business projects through public and EU funds:



  • Assessing the project’s potential.
  • Identifying funding solutions.
  • Preparing bids for public funding.
  • Developing and implementing project management procedures.
  • Monitoring and assessing the project.
  • Process auditing.



This service is committed to your project before, during and after the approval of your bid:


Helping you identify investment priorities to be carried out, taking into account the eligibility criteria laid down in the public funding regulations.


Assisting the client across all stages, until the approval and signing of the loan agreement, including:
Identifying financing needs, adjusting investments to the eligibility of expenditure laid down in the different regulations, preparing budgets, preparing bids and providing assistance with requests for clarification from management authorities.


Managing and monitoring the project until its closure, including support in preparing payment requests and closing balances, as well as regular physical and financial implementation reports, and identifying measures to be taken in the event of temporary physical or financial rescheduling.